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7-8-18 Cat Silhouette Pet Memorial Marker I have been using Pets We Loved Markers for a couple of years and have always been pleased with the quality and designs. They are highly acclaimed by all who see them. Francesca Poisson

6-19-18 Value Medium White Pet Casket I lost my precious Misty suddenly on 6/10 and had to purchase a coffin for her. The service was wonderful--it was here in 3 days and it is beautiful. It seals beautifully and is a real tribute to her short 5 years with me. Thank you for providing this product. Diane Alberigi

6-6-18 20 Deluxe Pet Casket Size Small We love our pets, and have a pet cemetery on our property. When we lose one, it's like losing a close friend. I loved this little casket for my 15 year old chihuahua friend, Jose. I loved the covered bed, pillow, and an additional pretty coverlet to cover him after we said goodbye. It shipped quickly as we were approaching the last days. Good product, good company. Nancy Bertine

5-21-18 Cat Mini Arch Pet Memorial Marker This is the 5th Memorial I have ordered. It arrived on time, within budget and the company emailed me letting me know that the order had been received, shipped and delivered. The prices are extremely good and the product is excellent. Jacquelyne Hill

4-23-18 VIP Pet Casket Pink or Blue size Medium We ordered this casket for our sweet baby fur daughter last Saturday- she passed away last Monday. We ordered it the Saturday before because we knew it was not long before she passed. This casket came in perfect condition and was absolutely wonderful. It was beautiful, well-made, sturdy, and beyond perfect for our darling little puppy angel. I was so proud of it. Thank you for the time and the thoughtfulness that you put into it- We do not have children and so our fur babies are our life. It was heartbreaking but your casket helped with some of the pain. I highly recommend. Love you all. Michelle

Choosing the Perfect Pet Memorial Marker

Living in an apartment as a kid, I grew up as a cat person since we were not allowed to have dogs. I honestly don’t ever recall wanting a dog – maybe because none of my friends had one either and I didn’t know what I was missing. That all changed when I got married in in 1996. My wife grew up with dogs and insisted we have one. Well, a few years later when we could afford our first home, a new chocolate lab puppy was quick to follow. We named her Bailey and she was just perfect.

Ten years and two kids later, our dear Bailey fell victim to cancer. How could we now pay a proper tribute to her for all the love she gave us? We did decide to cremate her and plan to have a marker made to put in the garden to always remember her - problem is that there are so many types to choose from.

There are a lot more choices than you might realize

These types of pet memorials are often called Markers, Headstones or Plaques. They are most often used in pet cemeteries but have gained a growing popularity in gardens and backyards. There are many materials available for pet markers – but nearly all are made to be weather resistant and durable for outdoor use.  

Granite Pet Markers 


Granite is the most common since it’s both very strong and equally as beautiful. Granite can be either sandblasted, etched or laser engraved. Laser photo engraving has gained wide popularity the past few years with the improvement in technology. A simple photograph can be finely engraved producing a stunning likeness on the marker. It takes a skilled craftsman and special equipment to produce these results but the time and effort is very much worth it. Most granite pet memorial markers are meant to lay flat on the ground and are perfect to use either at home or a pet cemetery. They are typically priced between $90 and $500, depending on the marker’s size, thickness and amount of wording and photos.


Stone Pet Markers

These are large natural stones, like river stones. They are sandblasted to etch in wording and a small design. Their irregular shape limits the amount of characters and prevents photos from being engraved but their natural beauty is perfect for a garden. They are easy to maintain and retain a natural appearance for many years. They typically start at $70.

Plaque Memorial Markers

Plaque markers are made from recycled aluminum and are used as stand up memorials that secure into the ground with stakes. They are custom formed and painted for every order, incorporating the exact wording and dates for each pet. These types of markers have been most used as garden signs but were recently adopted to use as pet memorials. Their beauty and durability make them a great alternative to the traditional marker. Prices are very affordable, starting at only $59.95.

Cremation Pet Urns/Markers


These fairly recent type of pet markers have gained popularity the past few years. They serve a dual purpose as both a cremation urn and pet memorial marker. They include a container built into the urn to hold the pet’s ashes. As with the other type of markers, they are durable and weather resistant to withstand the elements. These types of pet markers come in several different materials including concrete and resin. The concrete pet markers are hand formed and include verses and can be engraved with a pet’s name. The resin markers are formed from a tough plastic material, available in several colors. Both are great alternatives to a traditional pet memorial marker. They are typically priced between $65 and $150.

Traditional Upright Pet Markers or Headstones

Upright pet markers are modeled after traditional cemetery monuments. They can be simple to extremely extravagant and the prices can be the same. They are typically made from granite and require a granite base to mount onto. The traditional human headstone companies often make them for pets as well since the scale is much larger than most small pet marker companies can accommodate. These type headstones typically start at $400. 

So you can see why we’ve had such a tough time on what type of marker to get for our Bailey. Even though we’re in the pet memorials business and provide memorial markers for customer every day, it never makes it easier when it’s your own pet. I just know that when we do have a marker made for her, it will be just like she was, “perfect”.

Steve Mondazzi