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12-22-17 Standard and Deluxe Pet Caskets size Large The folks here are absolutely OUTSTANDING! I received my little boy (Corky's) Casket very well built as well as the design. The sealing tape was very easy to place around the casket for permanent sealing. The casket itself was very beautiful inside; lined just like the adult ones in funeral homes. The product is very durable and built to LAST in the event one should move and want to take their little one with them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these folks as well as their reputable products. I will be ordering my fur babies future caskets from them as they grow old. MaMa Wilkie

10-5-17 Deluxe Pink Medium Pet Casket We lost our little Annabelle she was a beautiful 11 year maltese and she was our baby. We wanted to honor her and give her the burial she deserved. I did an internet search and came up on Pets we Loved website. I ordered the Deluxe Pink Med. Casket. We had a few questions and called the company and they were so helpful. We had our casket four days later. We found this casket be be very well made, beautiful, classy and just perfect for our little girl. I would highly recommend this company and this product. Belinda

9-27-17 Pet Paw Mini Arch Pet Memorial Once ordered, the response was quick. I was kept advised of expected shopping time and notified when it shipped. It's a good quality and the price is perfect. I have ordered from other companies and the price was double. Jacquelyne

8-14-17 Deluxe Blue Medium Pet Casket The materials were high quality. Shipping was right on time. This casket enabled a fitting funeral service at home for our beloved cat. I highly recommend it. N/A

7-12-17 203 Farewell My Friend Stone with Engraved Granite Insert I currently lost my cat of 11 years to a sudden illness and he passed away in my arms on the way to the 24 hour Veterinarian. His name was Two Stripes, I honor his name and life in purchasing this beautiful headstone in his name. You can say I was pleased with the order. I only have one suggestion. It should be a little bit more taller than it is. I know it was my mistake because after reading the dimensions and heights after I purchased. I misread it and that is just because I was ordering this item Under complete sadness, but this is not the only item I purchased. In 2014 I purchased a coffin for our little dog of 18 years and now both of them are buried side-by-side, but unfortunately I could not buy the coffin for my cat two stripes and I should have planned ahead just in case. But we did find something suitable for him packed it with some belongings that he slept on while slept next to me at night. So that his body can rest peacefully on. So in conclusion, if you are thinking of ordering products from pets we loved company. I would be okay in recommending pets we loved company, It does not take very long to arrive. A little pricey for low income people, but yet it is a good company Shaun V

5-21-17 Angel Dog Pet Memorial Marker Recently lost my pug suddenly, I found this caring wonderful company and ordered a memorial angel dog marker....was told about 3 weeks which was fine but then got it in about a week and a half....They even sent a sympathy card as well as an email expressing their sympathy...it is very hard to find a great company like this...I HIGHLY RESPECT THEM...FEEL TRUSTING OF THEM... THANK YOU. Vic

5-1-17 Value Medium White Pet Casket Excellent service and quality, third of this size our family has purchased from Steve, all perfect and as expected. This company has wonderful customer service;the owner answers and replies to questions immediately with compassion, understanding and patience. I was very emotional and this company is supportive in every aspect. Arrived exactly when promised and same service as the last five years. N/A

4-12-17 Standard and Deluxe Pet Caskets size Large We are so happy to have found your line of caskets. We purchased a furever pet casket. When we received it it was just as represented with thick walls that look like they'll stand up forever. We have been wanting a permanent casket for our pets for years, and I think we finally found one. N/A

4-5-17 201 In Loving Memory Stone with Engraved Ribbon I love this memorial Stone, I was looking for something to put in my garden in memory of my rottie who we had to put down about 4 months ago to go with the baby palm we planted for him on his birthday and this is perfect. The Stone is absolutely beautiful and if it's even possible looks even better that pictured. Thank you for supplying this product, it makes my day when I look at it. N/A

Helping Your Child Cope with the Loss of a Beloved Pet


My family and I have lost several dearly loved pets over the years.  My children, now 12 and 10 have experienced the pain of pet loss and my wife and I have done our best to support and comfort them.  I am not a professional counselor but hope this advice, drawn from our own experiences, can help your children with the loss of a pet.

Helping your child to deal with the loss of a pet can be very difficult.   A child can have an almost parent/child relationship with a pet and not just a buddy/buddy relationship.   So you want to be cautious when handling the situation as the result may have an influence on your child's outlook on life,  death,  social interactions,  empathy for others,  and even their own sense of emotional security.

Each situation may have to be handled a little differently.   For example, if a pet goes missing and you don't know what happened, closer for the child may be difficult as they will be unsure if the pet is okay or not.  

If this happens,  you want to tell him or her things like "They might come back,  'he/she' is probably having an adventure some where"  and if more time passes you can say "You took care of 'him/her'' very well,  if they did pass away you don't have to worry about him/her thinking that you didn't love him/her".

Losing a pet to a car accident or a very brief illness can be especially traumatic if the child witnesses the event or does not have a chance to say goodbye. If your family pet has been in an accident or died of an illness. In this instance, you want to try saying "There wasn't anything you could do",  again you'd want to add "You took very good care of him/her..." and "You don't have to worry,  he/she isn't suffering any more" or "he/she is in a better place now".  

If your pet is suffering from a long term illness and the decision to Euthanize has been made, try to explain to your child why it’s the best thing for the pet and give them time to say goodbye to their friend.    

For all pet owners, the loss of a pet is an extremely difficult time, but one we know will come someday.  Not to say that ever makes it easier to accept. But unfortunately death and loss are part of life.   The loss of a pet can be an introduction to this aspect of life and if handled properly can help your child to better deal with loss later on in adulthood.


Some activities you could suggest to your child going through this difficult time are: 

  • Have them create a Memorial for their pet. This could simply be a drawing or poem that could be framed or a collage of photos. Something that they can keep with them to remember their pet.
  • Have a short ceremony with the family to read a poem or talk about all the things you loved about your pet.
  • Writing about how they feel. Sometimes just writing down their thoughts can help express how they feel.
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter. I would not suggest doing this right away but it could help them continue to feel comfortable around pets.
  • Spending time with friends
  • Focusing on a favorite hobby

These compassionate and effective approaches are meant to help your child cope with their loss without making them feel like they should ignore their feelings or cause them to hang on to their pain.   You can expect your child to be in a grieving process for a while, often going through the stages of loss. Just have patience with them, it can take several months. Offer your sympathy, sensitive advice and how much you love them.