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2-27-19 Slimline Granite Pet Marker Great Quality! Our little girls head stone is Beautiful ! And my husband and I are Very Pleased and would Highly Recommend this product to Anyone with a fur baby Cherie Thom

2-27-19 Deluxe Pink Small Pet Casket Great Quality! My husband and I are very pleased with this product. And we would Highly Recommend this to Anyone that has a fur baby Cherie Thom

2-26-19 Value Large White Pet Casket Making a sad time, better - Thank you to Pets We Loved for providing me such a nice pet casket for my 14 year old Boston Terrier, Maggie. To my surprise, the two national chains of pet stores don’t carry any kind of burial caskets for pets. So, I was faced with having to have my Maggie buried in a pet body bag, a cardboard box or creamation. Then I found Pets We Loved. They were able to provide me with an honorable and dignified pet casket that my Maggie, was most deserving of. I felt that I honored the memory of my best friend with a pet casket and I didn’t have deal with the thought of a pet body bag, a cardboard box or creamation. Thank you to Pets We Loved. Bill Thweatt

1-15-19 Value Small White Pet Casket Is a good product that overall appears to do what is advertised however, the adhesive is a little too narrow and stiff making it difficult to apply with really not much room for error. Instruction sheet could be better as well. David Freed

My First Pet

Dogs and small apartments just don’t fit well together. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s living in several different small apartments in Massachusetts. There are advantages and disadvantages of growing up in this type of community. Generally, there are lots of other kids to play with and the complex was pretty safe to bike and walk in. But living in a rented space leaves little to no room for having a family dog. Like most kids, I always wanted a dog growing up but instead had cats as they were more suitable to the confines of apartment living. Maybe it wasn’t so bad since none of my other friends in the complex could have them either. When I was about 6 or 7 yrs old, my folks brought home our first cat (that I can remember anyways). She was a snow white kitten that was sweet as can be – so of course we named her Sugar.

Being an only child and with parents that both worked full time, I spent many hours with Sugar as a kid. After these many years, I don’t recall everything about her but I do remember a few things. This cat loved to chase cigarette wrappers. My dad smoked some type of menthol brand that came in a soft package with a cellophane covering. Once empty, my dad would crinkle it up and throw it for the cat. Sugar would go ballistic. She would hunt it down and retrieve the wrapper, just like a dog with a stick. It was hilarious. I also recall how affectionate and understanding she was. Let’s be honest, cats are generally pretty independent animals that sometime just want to be left alone. At times, I wanted to play a bit more than she cared for but she tolerated me more than I probably deserved. She was more than a pet, she was a family member.

Some years later, how many I’m not too sure, Sugar developed a severe case of ear mites. My mom took her to the Vet several times and I remember her cleaning out Sugars ears vigorously and often to try and get rid of them. As a kid, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal and certainly didn’t think her overall health was at risk. Not too long after, my folks told me that Sugar went to go live on a farm so she would have more room to run and play. I was devastated but was also happy knowing she wasn’t cooped up in an apartment anymore and that she was feeling okay. But, as you can probably tell, I found out years later that she actually had succumbed to the mite problem and had to be euthanized. I was still pretty young at the time and would not have taken her passing very well so I can understand why my folks told me that. Not to say that I wasn’t upset when I eventually found out though. But like most problems, we move on and accept what happens the best way we can. Maybe my experience with Sugar and her passing helped lead to what I do now. Maybe it’s even some type of therapy, who knows.

Pet loss affects everyone a little differently I think. Some can move on sooner than others and some need more time or help dealing with the emotional toll it can take. What I do know is that I’ve continued to love animals and have had several cats and dogs since. Sugar had an impact on my life that I will never forget. And although I had always had wanted a dog (and have had 2 since), Sugar converted me the cat lover I still am today.