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4-12-17 Standard and Deluxe Pet Caskets size Large We are so happy to have found your line of caskets. We purchased a furever pet casket. When we received it it was just as represented with thick walls that look like they'll stand up forever. We have been wanting a permanent casket for our pets for years, and I think we finally found one. N/A

4-5-17 201 In Loving Memory Stone with Engraved Ribbon I love this memorial Stone, I was looking for something to put in my garden in memory of my rottie who we had to put down about 4 months ago to go with the baby palm we planted for him on his birthday and this is perfect. The Stone is absolutely beautiful and if it's even possible looks even better that pictured. Thank you for supplying this product, it makes my day when I look at it. N/A

12-18-16 Deluxe Blue Small Pet Casket Just want to say thanks. We recently lost one of our Yorkies at a time we weren't prepared for it,Not that you are ever prepared for it. Fortunately we found Pets We Loved and were able to have a nice casket shipped to us in time to bury our baby properly. That meant a lot to us. Thanks again, Merry Christmas, And God Bless. Rickey

12-17-16 Deluxe Pink Medium Pet Casket I found this web site searching for a casket for my baby girl. It is hard when your animals get old and pass away. But I wanted something nice and beautiful for her to be laid to rest in. These are beautiful!! I am glad I found you guys and thank you for being so understanding about how it hurts when you loose an animal that you have raised since she was a baby. They are like our children and they love just as much as human beings do. These are made wonderfully and our doggies deserve the best to. Thank you!! Regina

11-10-16 Large White Value Pet Casket Thank you for the prompt delivery. The quality is exactly as we expected. It was perfect for our dog, thank you for having such s quick turn around it was greatly appreciated! Amy

11-8-16 Deluxe Pink Small Pet Casket This is my 5th purchase. My babies deserve the best final resting place in these beautiful caskets. Steve, I can't THANK YOU enough again for being the best!! I can say if your on the fence about purchasing...DONT BE! They are beautiful! Linda S

11-5-16 Granite Photo Pet Memorial Marker Size Medium Hi Steve, I want to thank you so much for all you have done for us. To take care of our Molly's marker..it turned out so good. My husband and I are so happy with it. The marker looks just like our little girl..we are still having a hard time dealing with our loss of her..it had come so sudden, we were not ready for this to happen to our little girl. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with her marker. And so sorry it has taken me this long to get to you.our son was here with us for a couple weeks .take care .thank you again. Mr. and Mrs. Emery

10-23-16 203 Farewell My Friend Stone with Engraved Granite Insert Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my Dogs stone,just perfect and the best wrapping I have seen with the fastest shipping. I will proudly lay this stone under one of the Norway pines in my yard. Jake was my best friend, now I can pay tribute to all the love he gave me thanks again Susan

10-13-16 Deluxe Blue Medium Pet Casket Thank you for being so understanding when I felt I was in a big dilemma.I was distraught and didn't know what to do. I followed your suggestion what to do with him and waited for the delivery. I received the casket, it is really beautiful. He is in it now and in his resting place. I feel you went over and beyond what a salesperson would do. I thank you again for your compassion Patricia

10-8-16 Deluxe Pink Medium Pet Casket Beautiful - Placing my little Bella to rest in this casket was so comforting to me. It is so beautiful, feminine and the inside is so delicate, while the outside seemed sturdy and secure. I felt confident and proud to put my dog to rest. Thank you for a beautiful product. Loretta

Pets We Loved article Farewell to Best Friends

Recent Article about Pet Loss and Pets We Loved

Farewell to Man's Best Friends
Pet burials, cremations on rise as families honor their memories
By Rita Savard, 09/08/2008 DT

CHELMSFORD -- Jeff Hardy first saw the squirming bundle in his 8-year-old daughter's arms.

"Uh-oh," he thought.

But there they were. Sarah and the puppy. Staring with big eyes.

"We named him Bongo," Hardy says.

For the next 14 years, Bongo was a regular fixture in Hardy's life. At home. At the office. At the end of a bad day, Bongo would sit by Hardy and offer a paw.

Through Christmases and birthdays, through Sarah's high-school graduation, Bongo became more than a dog. He was family. When Bongo's muzzle turned gray and his legs too shaky to walk the stairs, Hardy built a ramp outside his house.

Then the day came when Bongo couldn't get up anymore. Hardy carefully put his best friend in the car and drove to the vet.

"His body was broken down, but there was still life in his eyes," Hardy says. "It was the hardest thing I ever had to do."

Since Bongo died in February, Hardy has laid the dog to rest in a concrete burial vault and is still at work designing an elaborate memorial plaque.

Industry experts say actions like his are part of a rising trend in the pet-burial business, as more people choose to give humanlike memorials to deceased pets.

That's what Steven and Kathleen Mondazzi wanted when their cat, Sammy, died. But when the Tyngsboro couple went online to find a casket, Steven says, "We couldn't find anything nice."

Mondazzi, who is skilled at making furniture, went into his garage and made a casket of his own. Soon, he started making them for family and friends' pets.
"They kept getting nicer and nicer each time," Mondazzi says.

In 2003, the Mondazzis decided to turn it into a business. Since then, their online store, PetsWeLoved.com, has grown 50 percent each year, selling caskets, pet urns and cremation jewelry.

"People continue to spend a significant amount of money on their pets," Mondazzi says. "But you have to understand that a pet is really more of a family member to most pet owners. They want to take care of them in death just as well as they did when they were with them in life."

In Tyngsboro, more than 1,000 animals -- including a donkey -- are buried at Pet's Heaven cemetery.

A basic burial package costs about $650, which includes a plot, grave marker, casket and any body storage or vet pick-up.

Owner Bob Cornwell, who lives in Florida, operates the business his parents first began in 1972. Cornwell's father's ashes are buried next to the family's pets in the cemetery.

Pet owners frequently visit the cemetery, leaving flowers, ceramic dogs and cats, and even plastic Santa Clauses during the holiday season.

In 2006, Westlawn Cemetery in Littleton carved out a parcel of land just for pets. Charlotte's Garden, separate from the rest of the cemetery on King Street, was named after resident Charlotte Hartwell, who has two of her own dogs buried there.

But it's not just pet cemeteries that are filling up. Fueled by soaring real-estate prices, increasing transiency of populations and the growing importance of pets in people's lives, pet cremation is also on the rise.

The Cremation Association of North America, an organization originally formed for those dealing with human remains, now counts among its 1,400-strong membership several funeral homes that handle pet cremations.

"The national cremation rate for humans is about 37 percent," says Mike Nicodemus, a vice president at the CANA. "At least 70 percent of folks who have pets are cremating them after they die."

While Nicodemus says some people might have a tendency to think pet cremation sounds strange, giving a pet a proper sendoff helps humans through the grieving process.

"Some people are always going to say, 'It's just a pet, get over it,'" he says. "But pets are in their owners' lives every day for many years, so losing them causes a big impact."

Hardy knows all too well. The Chelmsford resident's family-owned business, Hardy Doric Inc., specializes in burial vaults, urns and memorial plaques.

Hardy is now looking to expand the family business to service the needs of people grieving over lost pets. Bongo, the shepherd/husky "mutt," will become the face to market Hardy's pet memorials.

It's only fitting, Hardy says, adding that a row of popped basketballs and chewed up rawhide workmen's gloves still hint of Bongo's healthier days at the Chelmsford plant.

"When you lose a pet and you come home to that empty house, there's a big piece of your life missing," Hardy says. "If we can help somebody honor their pet's memory, then that's a good thing."