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Gracie the Cat's New Years Resolutions

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In our previous post today, we listed our dog Mandie’s resolutions for 2015, or at least ones we hope she sticks too. But you know, she’s a dog, so we’re not holding our breath! Haha!

But how can we have Mandie give her resolutions and not our cat Gracie? Here’s what the queen kitty’s resolutions are for 2015 (but again, breath not held):

1.To stop ambushing the dog and taunting her (its kitty guerilla warfare!)

2.To stop the 2am freak out sessions and crying that wakes everyone up (she always says sorry but I’m not buying it)

3.To stop using the newly carpeted stairs as a 15 step scratching post!

4.To stop climbing the Christmas tree (she’s lucky that its only up for a few weeks a year)

5.To stop crying for 10 minutes to get into a room only to turn around and walk back up (this one drives me nuts!)