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Options Available when Deciding on a Pet Burial

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Losing a beloved pet is of course one of the hardest things we go through. What can be just as difficult is deciding how we take care of them once they are gone. Many pet owners prefer to have a traditional burial rather than cremate their pet. But even if you have already decided on a burial, there are still many options on how you can do this.

The typical choices would be either in a pet cemetery or on your personal property.

Pet Cemetery

If choosing a pet cemetery, speak to several in your area if possible before deciding. Pricing and services can vary greatly so be sure to ask what’s included in the burial costs. Ask for a breakout of costs between the plot, casket and annual maintenance fee, if it applies. Some pet cemeteries will charge an annual “perpetual care” type fee to maintain the grounds. For the few that I am familiar with, they seem to do a nice job and could be worth the expense if that’s really what you would like to do.

Pet cemeteries will offer you pet casket options of products they carry. They are typically made from a polyurethane/plastic type of material so they will not degrade over time once placed into the ground. These pet caskets are water and air tight but some may be very plain in appearance. Pet cemeteries will typically not allow a wooden pet casket to be used since it will break down over time and the plot will need more maintenance once it does. Some cemeteries will offer vaults to avoid this but at a higher cost.

Home Burial

If choosing a home burial, make sure it’s okay to bury your pet on your property. In my experience, most cities and towns don’t enforce restrictions imposed on burying a pet on your property but if you’re concerned and want to be sure its allowed, please contact your town/city hall to check. At a minimum, most limitations include a minimum setback from water sources like wells, streams, rivers, etc to prevent any contamination. This is very important and should be taken into consideration when selecting a location.

If you prefer to bury your pet at home, then you have a much greater range of options.

You could simply wrap the animal in a favorite blanket and bury them directly. This is the most cost effective method but would not provide any protection for the animal. If chosen, be sure to dig at least 24” to prevent intrusion from area wildlife.

You could purchase one of the plastic pet caskets. They are relatively affordable but some can be plain and unattractive. If you ever intend to move your pet to another property someday, this would be a good option. Some have decorative outside finishes and liners that help with the appearance.
You could make or purchase a more traditional wooden pet casket. A lot of folks do it this way and it works just fine. If you don’t have tools or are inclined to do this, you may want to look into purchasing a wood pet casket.

If you prefer the look and feel of a solid wood pet casket and would prefer to purchase one, then be sure to ask some specific questions when contacting these companies. Be sure to ask the following questions:

CHOICE: Are they available in a variety of sizes and finishes?

COMFORT: Is there a lining inside the casket? And if so, do I have a choice of what it is? Many customers are comforted to know that there is a soft, elegant final resting place for their pet.

QUALITY: Are the caskets made here or are they purchased overseas? Be careful of imported wood products. Some are fine but many are made with inferior wood and quick construction and there’s no opportunity for a custom size if needed.

SERVICE: Can the pet casket be returned if not used? If it’s not an immediate need and you’re not pleased with the look and construction of the pet casket, it should be returnable for a full refund.

AVAILABILITY: How long does a standard pet casket take to be ready? Many of my customers have an immediate need for a pet casket so having a variety in stock is important for any pet memorial company.

I hope this information helps in deciding on final resting place for your pet. Please contact us if there are any questions we can help with.