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Loss of our Beloved Cat Gracie

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After many years of helping pet owners with the loss of a beloved pet, we sadly lost one of our dear pets, Gracie, on May 14th. Gracie was 13 but generally in good health and only a few months before had her annual shots and a complete check up with no noticeable issues. Around 10pm on the 13th, my wife screamed from the upstairs hallway, where she found Gracie laying on her side, panting hard, unable to catch her breath. We quickly took her up the Animal Hospital in nearby Nashua, NH. After an exam and x-rays, they determined that the walls of her lungs were filled with fluid, making breathing very difficult. They believe either a heart attack or cancer was causing the build up and would be difficult to treat. Oxygen provided some immediate but unfortunately, short-term relief. Based on her age and current condition, any treatment would likely be only for the short-term and very uncomfortable for her. Its one of the hardest decisions we need to make in life but we believe she is in a better place now and will forever miss her. I thought that by helping folks with their own loss every day, I might be able to bear my own a little easier but that was not the case. I truly believe we’ll see Gracie again at the Rainbow Bridge someday.