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2-27-19 Slimline Granite Pet Marker Great Quality! Our little girls head stone is Beautiful ! And my husband and I are Very Pleased and would Highly Recommend this product to Anyone with a fur baby Cherie Thom

2-27-19 Deluxe Pink Small Pet Casket Great Quality! My husband and I are very pleased with this product. And we would Highly Recommend this to Anyone that has a fur baby Cherie Thom

2-26-19 Value Large White Pet Casket Making a sad time, better - Thank you to Pets We Loved for providing me such a nice pet casket for my 14 year old Boston Terrier, Maggie. To my surprise, the two national chains of pet stores don’t carry any kind of burial caskets for pets. So, I was faced with having to have my Maggie buried in a pet body bag, a cardboard box or creamation. Then I found Pets We Loved. They were able to provide me with an honorable and dignified pet casket that my Maggie, was most deserving of. I felt that I honored the memory of my best friend with a pet casket and I didn’t have deal with the thought of a pet body bag, a cardboard box or creamation. Thank you to Pets We Loved. Bill Thweatt

1-15-19 Value Small White Pet Casket Is a good product that overall appears to do what is advertised however, the adhesive is a little too narrow and stiff making it difficult to apply with really not much room for error. Instruction sheet could be better as well. David Freed

For Charlie

I am an animal lover and if it has four legs and fur, I love it. On the other hand, if it has two legs and feathers, I love it. Some people call my house a zoo! I have two ferrets, two cats, three dogs, and a Green Wing Macaw. I love them all, and do not know what I would do without them.

When you have large birds, you also have large bird cages. And large bird toys. Many people do not realize that one becomes just as attached to birds as other people do to dogs or cats. The large breeds of birds, such as the Macaws and Cockatoos will live 70 years or more. Believe me, when you have something for that many years you love it like your own child.

Many years ago I got an Umbrella Cockatoo and I named him Charlie. He was so young when I got him that he had almost no feathers, and I hand fed him until he was weaned. I was Charlie's mom, and he was my baby.

Charlie loved to be held and petted, especially on his belly and under his wings. He talked a blue streak, and we had many lengthy conversations. Charlie loved to go for car rides, and he would greet every one we passed with a sweet hello.

When I would put him in his cage, especially if the sun was still out, he would yell: HELP! LET ME OUT OF HERE! (Once a new set of neighbors called the police because they thought I was being attacked).

One morning when Charlie was 11 years old, I got up and went to let him out of his cage. He didn't say anything to me, which was unusual. I asked him if he was ok, he looked at me and fell off his perch to the bottom of the cage.

I knew Charlie was gone, but I still rushed him to the vet. She told me that he had a heart attack. It was unusual for such a young bird, but it some times happens.

I cannot begin to explain the pain and grief I felt when I lost him. I thought I would never get over it. I buried Charlie in a corner of the back yard, fenced so my dogs could not get in there. In the spring I planted the most beautiful flowering plants I could find over him. That was 20 years ago, and that corner still has the most beautiful flowers growing there.

Like I said earlier, I have a Green Wing Macaw now. His name is Mr. Chips and he also talks and goes for rides with me. I love him dearly, but no one will ever be able to replace Charlie.

I have 2 large bird cages, one for inside and one on the patio. Some times at night, when I look at the outside cage I think I see Charlie in there. I know that Charlie is still with me in spirit.

Rob Lobitz