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5-12-20 Standard and Deluxe Pet Caskets size XLarge I received your casket the morning that my dog passed and was relieved to see how great the quality was. It gave me peace of mind to seal my "Jaxx" for eternity in a sturdy product. Thank you for delivering in a timely manner, you made my ordeal easier. I recommend this for every pet owner. Kevin

2-18-20 VIP Pet Casket Makes Moving Much Easier - A year after I buried my cat, I had to dig him up to take him with me when I moved. The seal in the casket is so good that there wasnt even an odor! It made things much easier and as pleasant as possible. Emaline

1-14-20 Deluxe Pink Medium Pet Casket fast shipping quality product - Steve cares about his customers ! Great product and fast shipping. Only one negative is that nobody answered the phone but they did call me back within minutes. Thanks Mike

12-26-19 Value Medium White Pet Casket My Emmy Lou is out of pain, now in heaven - I had to leave her in the Vet's freezer because I couldn't find a casket where I live. I had to go online, which I usually don't do. I found what I was looking for at Pets We Loved. Steve was great. I ordered it on Monday and it got here by Wednesday. The casket looked great and the seal tape impressed me. I wasn't able to pick her up at the Vet so my friends went to pick her up. Steve suggested the Vet could help with putting the seal tape on the casket. Cheryl Jackson

11-24-19 Deluxe Gold Large Pet Casket One Of Those Things You Wish You Never Had To Use - But when you do, you want the best for your loved family member. I didn't even take it out of the box for a few weeks because I instinctively knew the day I did I would have to use it. So I waited, hoping, praying that the situation would change. But when it didn't and my precious dog passed, I was so glad to know I was prepared. He fit into it beautifully and he looked adorable and at peace. It was well constructed and carried him from the veterinary office to the cemetery without a problem. It held up as they filled in the grave. And I rest well knowing he had a comfy place to rest in an airtight and well constructed container. It was a fair price for a good product. Delivery was overnight. What more could you possibly ask? PL Sorensen

10-28-19 Standard Blue Small Pet Casket A nice inexpensive pet casket - A great place to purchase a pet casket for your loved one , they offer speedy delivery and answer emails quickly to accommodate customers in a time of need.We will be ordering another casket when our cat spike leaves us. N/A

Tradition and Choices

Tradition and Choices

After being in the pet memorials business for over seven years now,  I've found that there is a very distinct difference amongst pet owners - those that would never cremate and ones that would never have a burial - and almost never anyone on the fence between the two.  Maybe those that bury were brought up strict Catholic, not sure.  Up here in New England, where there is still a strong traditional Catholic population, there are still a significant amount of human burials versus cremations.  And out in the western part of the country, it’s the opposite where there is a growing trend in cremations.  People will tend to follow the same traditions as their family when it comes to caring for their pets.  And that has proven true as a majority of pet casket orders have been for the east coast and mid-west Bible belt areas versus strong pet urn sales out west.

But there is one constant amongst the pet owners I’ve spoken to, they're all devastated by the loss of their pet.  Regardless if the passing was expected or sudden, no difference – the pain is the same. We listen and we help them memorialize their pet however they would like. But more importantly, we understand - we have buried 2 beloved cats and cremated a sorely missed dog.  Just about 2 yrs ago, we lost our beloved Choc Lab, Bailey - I'm still not over it. I sell pet urns and still can't bear to pick one out for her. Maybe someday…

We have a new dog, a 2 yr old black lab Mandie.  My wife “adopted” her from a rescue group in Indiana.  She was living on the street and needed a home. I was resistant to having another dog after we lost Bailey and I’m still having trouble accepting her.  Again, maybe someday..